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Hiemstra, Djoerd ; Klinger, Stefan ; Rode, Henning ; Flokstra, Jan ; Apers, Peter

Sound ranking algorithms for XML search in PF/Tijah

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We argue that ranking algorithms for XML should reflect the actual
combined content and structure constraints of queries, while at the
same time producing equal rankings for queries that are semantically
equal. Ranking algorithms that produce different rankings for queries
that are semantically equal are easily detected by tests on large
databases: We call such algorithms {em not sound}. We report the
behaviour of different approaches to ranking content-and-structure
que-ries on pairs of queries for which we expect equal ranking results
from the query semantics. We show that most of these approaches are
not sound. Of the remaining approaches, only 3 adhere to the W3C XQuery
Full-Text standard.

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Keywords: XML Information Retrieval, XQuery Full-Text
Collection: 08111 - Ranked XML Querying
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 24.06.2008

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