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Farin, Gerald ; Hahmann, Stefanie ; Peters, Jörg ; Wang, Wenping

08221 Summary -- Geometric Modeling

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Geometric Modeling is an area drawing from computer science, mathematics, engineering, and the life sciences. It is concerned with the computer representation of objects as diverse as - brain scans - mathematical functions - terrains - airplane wings and many more. The seminar succeeded in bringing together leading researchers to present and discuss radically different approaches to the challenge of modeling complex geometric phenomena on the computer. Acquisition, representation and analysis of 3-dimensional geometry call for the combination of technically complex and often interdisciplinary approaches that are grounded both in classical mathematics and computer science data structures and theory.

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Keywords: Geometry, engineering, volumetric modeling, computer graphics
Collection: 08221 - Geometric Modeling
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 25.06.2008

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