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Ma, Hui ; Schewe, Klaus-Dieter ; Thalheim, Bernhard ; Wang, Qing

Composing Personalised Services on top of Abstract State Services

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We introduce Abstract State Services (ASSs) as an abstraction of data-intensive services that can be made available for use by other systems, e.g. via the web. An ASS combines a hidden database layer with an operation-equipped view layer, and can be anything from a simple function to a full-fledged Web Information System or a Data Warehouse. We adopt the fundamental approach of Abstract State Machines to model ASSs. Then we show how tailored services can be extracted from available ASSs, integrated with other ASSs and personalised to user preferences.

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Keywords: Abstract State Machines, services, integration, composition
Collection: 08181 - The Evolution of Conceptual Modeling
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 16.10.2008

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