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Lehner, Wolfgang

Robust Data Management

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Mobility gains more and more importance from a technological as well as social perspective. On the one hand, mobility is required from the personal and professional environment in order to keep pace with the developments in a global world. On the other hand, the existence of wireless networks and the success of cell-phones enable a wide usage of mobile communication infrastructure. While mobile devices (especially cell-phone) are becoming more and more a general vehicle to perform a wide spectrum of applications like internet browsing, etc. many, many issues are still unsolved in order to provide a technologically solid and well accepted mobile infrastructure. In the following, we focus on the term of robustness as a mean to achieve this goal. No only the general possibility to communicate via mobile devices using wireless networks is the question, but the reliable, secure, and finally simple way of doing it must be the core research in the context of mobile environments.

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Keywords: Robustness , Reliability , Partial System Failure , Linux , trusted plattform
Collection: 04441 - Mobile Information Management
Issue Date: 2005
Date of publication: 10.08.2005

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