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Mizzaro, Stefano ; Coppola, Paolo ; Della Mea, Vincenzo ; Di Gaspero, Luca ; Mischis, Danny ; Nazzi, Elena ; Scagnetto, Ivan ; Vassena, Luca

Context Aware Browser

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I will present the Context Aware Browser, a novel paradigm for context-aware access to Web contents with mobile devices. The idea is to allow automatic download of Web pages, and even automatic execution of Web applications, on user's own mobile device.
The Web resources are not simply pushed on the mobile device; rather, they are selected on the basis of the context the user is in: context data (mainly location, but not only) are used to build a query sent to an external search engine, that selects the most relevant Web content.

I will describe the idea, provide some examples, show a video of a recently built prototype, present implementation issues, discuss our specific evaluation methodology and the results, and sketch future work and problems. This is an ongoing project, started about five years ago; it is joint work with the Context Aware and Mobile Systems laboratory ( and the MoBe spinoff ( at Udine University.

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Keywords: Context-aware, information retrieval, mobile devices
Collection: 09101 - Interactive Information Retrieval
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 24.09.2009

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