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Buhrman, Harry ; Garcia-Soriano, David ; Matsliah, Arie

Learning Parities in the Mistake-Bound model

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We study the problem of learning parity functions that depend on at most $k$ variables ($k$-parities) attribute-efficiently in the mistake-bound model.
We design a simple, deterministic, polynomial-time algorithm for learning $k$-parities with mistake bound $O(n^{1-frac{c}{k}})$, for any constant $c > 0$. This is the first polynomial-time algorithms that learns $omega(1)$-parities in the mistake-bound model with mistake bound $o(n)$.

Using the standard conversion techniques from the mistake-bound model to the PAC model, our algorithm can also be used for learning $k$-parities in the PAC model. In particular, this implies a slight improvement on the results of Klivans and Servedio
cite{rocco} for learning $k$-parities in the PAC model.

We also show that the $widetilde{O}(n^{k/2})$ time algorithm from cite{rocco} that PAC-learns $k$-parities with optimal sample complexity can be extended to the mistake-bound model.

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Keywords: Attribute-efficient learning, parities, mistake-bound
Collection: 09421 - Algebraic Methods in Computational Complexity
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 19.01.2010

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