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Labahn, George ; MacLean, Scott ; Marzouk Mirette ; Rutherford, Ian ; Tausky, David

MathBrush: An Experimental Pen-Based Math System

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It is widely believed that mathematics will be one of the major applications
for Tablet PCs and other pen-based devices. In this paper we discuss many of
the issues that make doing mathematics on such pen-based devices a hard task.
We give a preliminary description of an experimental system, currently named
MathBrush, for working with mathematics
using pen-based devices. The system allows a user to enter mathematical
expressions with a pen and to then do mathematical computation using a
computer algebra system. The system provides a simple and easy way for
users to verify the correctness of their handwritten expressions and, if
needed, to correct any errors in recognition. Choosing mathematical operations
is done making use of context menus, both with input and output expressions.

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Keywords: PC Tablets, pen-based devices, computer algebra systems
Collection: 06271 - Challenges in Symbolic Computation Software
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 25.10.2006

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