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Durand, Arnaud ; Lautemann, Clemens ; More, Malika

Counting Results in Weak Formalisms

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The counting ability of weak formalisms is of interest as a measure of their expressive power. The question was investigated in the 1980's in several papers in complexity theory and in weak arithmetic. In each case, the considered formalism (AC$^0$--circuits, first--order logic, $Delta_0$, respectively) was shown to be able to count precisely up to a polylogarithmic number. An essential part of each of the proofs is the construction of a 1--1 mapping from a small subset of ${0,ldots,N-1}$ into a small initial segment. In each case the expressibility of such a mapping depends on some strong argument (group theoretic device or prime number theorem) or intricate construction. We present a coding device based on a collision-free hashing technique, leading to a completely elementary proof for the polylog counting capability of first--order logic (with built--in arithmetic), $AC^0$--circuits, rudimentary arithmetic, the Linear Hierarchy, and monadic--second order logic with addition.

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Keywords: Small complexity classes, logic, polylog counting
Seminar: 06451 - Circuits, Logic, and Games
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 23.04.2007

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