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A Collision-Resistant Rate-1 Double-Block-Length Hash Function



This paper proposes a construction for collision resistant
$2n$-bit hash functions, based
on $n$-bit block ciphers with $2n$-bit keys. The construction is analysed
in the ideal cipher model; for $n=128$ an adversary would need roughly
$2^{122}$ units of time to find a collision.
The construction employs ``combinatorial'' hashing
as an underlying building block (like
Universal Hashing for cryptographic
message authentication by Wegman and Carter).
The construction runs at rate~1, thus improving on a similar
rate~1/2 approach by Hirose (FSE 2006).

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Keywords: Hash function, provable security, double-block-length
Seminar: 07021 - Symmetric Cryptography
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 06.06.2007

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