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06472 Executive Summary -- XQuery Implementation Paradigms



Only a couple of weeks after the participants of seminar No. 06472 met
in Dagstuhl, the W3C published the Final Recommendation documents that
fix the XQuery 1.0 syntax, data model, formal semantics, built-in
function library and the interaction with the XML Schema Recommendations
(see W3C's XQuery web site at With
the language's standardization nearing its end and now finally in place,
the many efforts to construct correct, complete, and efficient
implementations of XQuery finally got rid of the hindering "moving
target'' syndrome. This Dagstuhl seminar on the different XQuery
implementation paradigms that have emerged in the recent past, thus was
as timely as it could have possibly been.

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Keywords: XQuery, XML, Database, Compiler, Functional Programming, Transactions
Seminar: 06472 - XQuery Implementation Paradigms
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 22.05.2007

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