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Awareness and forgetting of facts and agents



We propose various logical semantics for change of awareness. The setting is that of multiple agents that may become aware of facts or other agents, or forget about them. We model these dynamics by quantifying over propositional variables and agent variables, in a multi-agent epistemic language with awareness operators, employing a notion of bisimulation with a clause for `same awareness'. The quantification is over all different ways in which an agent can become aware (or forget). Logics for change of awareness combine well with logics for informational change, as when a public announcement simultaneously makes you aware of an issue (`a plane just crashed on Schiphol Airport').

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Keywords: Awareness, knowledge, multi-agent systems, dynamics
Seminar: 09351 - Information processing, rational belief change and social interaction
Issue date: 2009
Date of publication: 04.11.2009

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