No. Title Author Year
1 07021 Abstracts Collection -- Symmetric Cryptography Biham, Eli et al. 2007
2 07021 Executive Summary -- Symmetric Cryptography Biham, Eli et al. 2007
3 A Collision-Resistant Rate-1 Double-Block-Length Hash Function Lucks, Stefan 2007
4 A Key-Recovery Attack on SOBER-128 Nyberg, Kaisa et al. 2007
5 Block and Stream Ciphers and the Creatures in Between Biryukov, Alex 2007
6 Cryptographic Shuffling of Random and Pseudorandom Sequences Dichtl, Markus 2007
7 Design and Primitive Specification for Shannon Rose, Gregory G. et al. 2007
8 How Fast can be Algebraic Attacks on Block Ciphers? Courtois, Nicolas T. 2007
9 QUAD: Overview and Recent Developments Arditti, David et al. 2007
10 Tightness of the Security Bound of CENC Iwata, Tetsu 2007
11 Why IV Setup for Stream Ciphers is Difficult Zenner, Erik 2007
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