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Hündling, Jens

Towards A Meta-Model for Service Properties

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Service Oriented Computing offers a promising approach for global businesses and integrated, virtual enterprises that achieve common business goals. For realizing an exhaustive Service Oriented Architecture, some basic research is still necessary and a consensus has to be reached about key aspects. We argue that a key aspect is a common model for enriched service descriptions, especially for all use cases related to service discovery. For automated discovery, these service descriptions need to be specified in a formal, computer-readable way. Additionally, properties of services that are beyond technical interface specifications should be modelled, e.g. by including Quality of Service (QoS) properties.

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Keywords: Service Properties, Quality of Services, QoS, non-functional Properties, Service Discovery
Seminar: 05462 - Service Oriented Computing (SOC)
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 05.05.2006

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