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1 04461 Abstracts Collection -- Practical Approaches to Multi-Objective Optimization Branke, Jürgen et al. 2005
2 04461 Summary -- Practical Approaches to Multi-Criterion Optimization Branke, Jürgen et al. 2005
3 A New Adaptive Algorithm for Convex Quadratic Multicriteria Optimization Fliege, Jörg et al. 2005
4 A New Approach on Many Objective Diversity Measurement Mostaghim, Sanaz et al. 2005
5 A Tutorial on Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization (EMO) Deb, Kalyanmoy 2005
6 An Adaptive Scheme to Generate the Pareto Front Based on the Epsilon-Constraint Method Laumanns, Marco et al. 2005
7 Application Issues for Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithms Hanne, Thomas 2005
8 Approximation and Visualization of Pareto Frontier in the Framework of Classical Approach to Multi-Objective Optimization Lotov, Alexander 2005
9 Current Status of the EMOO Repository, Including Current and Future Research Trends Coello Coello, Carlos A. 2005
10 Effects of Crossover Operations on the Performance of EMO Algorithms Ishibuchi, Hisao 2005
11 Hybrid Representations for Composition Optimization and Parallelizing MOEAs Streichert, Felix et al. 2005
12 Multi-criteria ranking of a finite set of alternatives using ordinal regression and additive utility functions - a new UTA-GMS method Slowinski, Roman et al. 2005
13 Multi-objective Optimization and its Engineering Applications Nakayama, Hirotaka 2005
14 Multiobjective Optimization and Multiple Constraint Handling with Evolutionary Algorithms Fonseca, Carlos M. et al. 2005
15 NBI and MOGA-II, two complementary algorithms for Multi-Objective optimizations Rigoni, Enrico et al. 2005
16 On Continuation Methods for the Numerical Treatment of Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Schütze, Oliver et al. 2005
17 On Properly Pareto Optimal Solutions Shukla, Pradyumn Kumar et al. 2005
18 Optimizing Surface Profiles during Hot Rolling: A Genetic Algorithms based Multi-objective Analysis Chakraborti, Nirupam et al. 2005
19 Runtime Analysis of a Simple Multi-Objective Evolutionary Algorithm Giel, Oliver 2005
20 Visualization of Global Trade-Offs in Aerodynamic Problems by ARMOGAs Sasaki, Daisuke et al. 2005
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