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Benini, Luca ; Chang, Naehyuck ; Kremer, Ulrich ; Probst, Christian W.

07041 Summary -- Power-aware Computing Systems

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The program of the Dagstuhl seminar 07041 on Power-aware Computing Systems
featured presentations of about 25 participating researchers from academia and
industry. They were chosen to represent major areas in targeting the energy consumption
of a computing system – Applications, Compilers, Virtual-execution
Environments, Operating Systems, and Hardware.
In order to continue the work of the predecessor Dagstuhl seminar held in
2005, the results of that seminar [1] were discussed, with the aim of developing
a vision of challenges, problems, and research activities in some of the key areas
identified in 2005. The first part of the seminar was dedicated to lively discussions
that led to the identification of three areas that were considered being most
interesting. As a result, three groups were formed to further identify challenges
and opportunities. The results of these groups are presented in this report. In
addition, abstracts of the presentations as well as work-in-progress papers are
published in these proceedings.

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Keywords: Power-aware Computing Systems, Low-power Design, Parallelism and Power Consumption
Collection: 07041 - Power-aware Computing Systems
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 30.07.2007

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