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Br├╝ckner, Marcel ; Denzler, Joachim

Active Self Calibration of a Multi Sensor System

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The combination of a multi camera system with different sensor types like PMD cameras or motion sensors is called multi sensor system.
Such systems offer many different application scenarios, e.g. motion studies of animals and sportsmen, 3D reconstruction or object tracking tasks. In order to work properly, each of this applications needs an accurately calibrated multi sensor system. Calibration consists of estimating the intrinsic parameters of each camera and determining the relative poses (rotation and translation) between the sensors. The second step is known as extrinsic calibration and forms the focus of this work. Self-calibration of a multi sensor system is desirable since a manual calibration is a time consuming and difficult task.

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Keywords: Relative pose, extrinsic calibration, multi sensor system, common field of view
Collection: 08422 - Klausurtagung Lehrstuhl Joachim Denzler
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 29.01.2009

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