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Genovese, Valerio ; Gabbay, Dov M. ; Boella, Guido ; van der Torre, Leendert

FSL -- Fibred Security Language

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We develop a fibred security language capable to express statements of the form
${x }varphi (x) says psi$
where ${x}varphi (x)$ is the set of all $x$ that satisfy
$varphi$ and $psi$ is any formula. $varphi$ and $psi$ may
share several free variables.
For example, we can express the following: "A member $m$ of the Program Committee can not accept a paper $P_1$
in which one of its authors says that he has published a paper with him after 2007"
eg({m} [PC(m) wedge {y}author\_of(y,P_1) extbf{ says } exists p(paper(p) wedge author\_of(m,p) wedge author\_of(y,p) wedge year(p) geq 2007)] extbf{ says } accept(P_1))$

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Keywords: Access Control, Trust Management, Fibring Logics
Collection: 09121 - Normative Multi-Agent Systems
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 11.03.2009

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