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Willard, Ross


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$exists$-InvSat is the problem which takes as input a relation $R$ and a finite set $mathcal S$ of relations on the same finite domain $D$, and asks whether $R$ is definable by a conjunctive query over $mathcal S$, i.e., by a formula of the form $exists mathbf{y} varphi(mathbf{x},mathbf{y})$ where $varphi$ is a conjunction of atomic formulas built on the relations in $mathcal S cup {=}$. (These are also called emph{primitive positive formulas}.) The problem is known to be in co-NExpTime, and has been shown to be tractable on the boolean domain. We show that there exists $k>2$ such that $exists$-InvSat is co-NExpTime complete on $k$-element domains, answering a question of Creignou, Kolaitis and Zanuttini.

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Keywords: Primitive positive formula, definability, complexity
Collection: 09441 - The Constraint Satisfaction Problem: Complexity and Approximability
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 07.01.2010

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