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Bini, Enrico ; Marko, Bertogna ; Baruah, Sanjoy K.

The Parallel Supply Function Abstraction for a Virtual Multiprocessor

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A new abstraction --- the Parallel Supply Function (PSF) --- is proposed for representing the computing capabilities offered by virtual platforms implemented atop identical multiprocessors. It is shown that this abstraction is strictly more powerful than previously-proposed ones, from the perspective of more accurately representing the inherent parallelism of the provided computing capabilities. Sufficient tests are derived for determining whether a given real-time task system, represented as a collection of sporadic tasks, is guaranteed to always meet all deadlines when scheduled upon a specified virtual platform using the global EDF scheduling algorithm.

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Keywords: Virtual multiprocessor
Collection: 10071 - Scheduling
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 03.05.2010

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