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Ford, Jeff ; Gál, Anna

Hadamard Tensors and Lower Bounds on Multiparty Communication Complexity

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We develop a new method for estimating the discrepancy of tensors associated with multiparty communication problems in the ``Number on the Forehead'' model of Chandra, Furst and Lipton. We define an analogue of the Hadamard property of matrices for tensors in multiple dimensions and show that any $k$-party communication problem represented by a Hadamard tensor must have $Omega(n/2^k)$ multiparty communication complexity. We also exhibit constructions of Hadamard tensors, giving $Omega(n/2^k)$ lower bounds on multiparty communication complexity for a new class of explicitly defined Boolean functions.

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Keywords: Multiparty communication complexity, lower bounds
Collection: 06111 - Complexity of Boolean Functions
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 09.10.2006

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