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Saha, Rudra Ranajee ; Hashem, Tanzima ; Shahriar, Tasmia ; Kulik, Lars

Continuous Obstructed Detour Queries

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In this paper, we introduce Continuous Obstructed Detour (COD) Queries, a novel query type in spatial databases. COD queries continuously return the nearest point of interests (POIs) such as a restaurant, an ATM machine and a pharmacy with respect to the current location and the fixed destination of a moving pedestrian in presence of obstacles like a fence, a lake or a private building. The path towards a destination is typically not predetermined and the nearest POIs can change over time with the change of a pedestrian's current location towards a fixed destination. The distance to a POI is measured as the summation of the obstructed distance from the pedestrian's current location to the POI and the obstructed distance from the POI to the pedestrian's destination. Evaluating the query for every change of a pedestrian's location would incur extremely high processing overhead. We develop an efficient solution for COD queries and verify the effectiveness and efficiency of our solution in experiments.

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Keywords: Obstacles Continuous Detour Queries Spatial Databases
Collection: 10th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2018)
Issue Date: 2018
Date of publication: 02.08.2018

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