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05431 Executive Summary -- Deduction and Applications



Formal logic provides a mathematical foundation for many areas of computer science. Logical languages are used as specification language within, e.g., program development and verification, hardware design and verification, relational databases, and many subfields of Artificial Intelligence. Automated Deduction is concerned with the design and implementation of algorithms based on logical deduction for solving problems in these areas. The last years have seen considerable improvements concerning both basic automated deduction technology and its (real-world) applications. Accordingly, the goal of the seminar was to bring together researchers from both sides in order to get an overview of the state of the art, and also to get ideas how to advance automated deduction from an application oriented point of view.

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Keywords: Formal logic, deduction, artificial intelligence
Seminar: 05431 - Deduction and Applications
Issue date: 2006
Date of publication: 25.04.2006

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