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Efficient CONGEST Algorithms for the Lovász Local Lemma



We present a poly log log n time randomized CONGEST algorithm for a natural class of Lovász Local Lemma (LLL) instances on constant degree graphs. This implies, among other things, that there are no LCL problems with randomized complexity between Ω(log n) and poly log log n. Furthermore, we provide extensions to the network decomposition algorithms given in the recent breakthrough by Rozhoň and Ghaffari [STOC2020] and the follow up by Ghaffari, Grunau, and Rozhoň [SODA2021]. In particular, we show how to obtain a large distance separated weak network decomposition with a negligible dependency on the range of unique identifiers.

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Keywords: distributed graph algorithms, CONGEST, Lovász Local Lemma, locally checkable labelings
Seminar: 35th International Symposium on Distributed Computing (DISC 2021)
Issue date: 2021
Date of publication: 04.10.2021

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