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Fischer, Gerhard

Meta-Design: A Conceptual Framework for End-User Software Engineering

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In a world that is not predictable, improvisation, evolution, and innovation are more than a luxury: they are a necessity. The challenge of design is not a matter of getting rid of the emergent, but rather of including it and making it an opportunity for more creative and more adequate solutions to problems. Meta-design is an emerging conceptual framework aimed at defining and creating social and technical infrastructures in which new forms of collaborative design can take place. It extends the traditional notion of system design beyond the original development of a system. It is grounded in the basic assumption that future uses and problems cannot be completely anticipated at design time, when a system is developed. Users, at use time, will discover mismatches between their needs and the support that an existing system can provide for them. These mismatches will lead to breakdowns that serve as potential sources of new insights, new knowledge, and new understanding.

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Keywords: Meta-design, consumers and designers, unself-conscious cultures of design
Seminar: 07081 - End-User Software Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 03.07.2007

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