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Segal, Judith

End-User Software Engineering and Professional End-User Developers

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There is a great variety of end user developers and a great variety of contexts within which they develop. End user developers may have little or no experience of using computers – or may be adept coders in general purpose programming languages. They may develop their software on their own over a few minutes – or in groups over years. The software produced may be for their own use only – or for a large community of users. It may be inconsequential – or the consequences of its failure may be great. In this paper, we identify and discuss the problems of one particular group of end user developers – professional end user developers – who have no fear of coding and who develop software which plays a vital part in furthering their professional goals.

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Keywords: Professional end user developers, scientific computing
Seminar: 07081 - End-User Software Engineering
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 03.07.2007

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