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Quinlan, Daniel J. ; Barany, Gergö ; Panas, Thomas

Towards Distributed Memory Parallel Program Analysis

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Our work presents a parallel attribute evaluation for distributed memory parallel computer architectures where previously only shared memory parallel support for this technique has been developed. Attribute evaluation is a part of how attribute grammars are used for program analysis within modern compilers. Within this work, we have extended ROSE, a open compiler infrastructure, with a distributed memory parallel attribute evaluation mechanism to support user defined global program analysis required for some forms of security analysis which can not be addresses by a file by file view of large scale applications. As a result, user defined security analyzes may now run in parallel without the user having to specify the way data is communicated between processors. The automation of communication enables an extensible open-source parallel program analysis infrastructure.

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Keywords: Parallel computing, attribute evaluation, program analysis
Seminar: 08161 - Scalable Program Analysis
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 28.08.2008

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