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Alléaume, Romain ; Lütkenhaus, Norbert ; Renner, Renato ; Grangier, Philippe ; Debuisschert, Thierry ; Ribordy, Gregoire ; Gisin, Nicolas ; Painchault, Philippe ; Pornin, Thomas ; Slavail, Louis ; Riguidel, Michel ; Shilds, Andrew ; Länger, Thomas ; Peev, Momtchil ; Dianati, Mehrdad ; Leverrier, Anthony ; Poppe, Andreas ; Bouda, Jan ; Branciard, Cyril ; Godfrey, Mark ; Rarity, John ; Weinfurter, Harald ; Zeilinger, Anton ; Monyk, Christian

Quantum key distribution and cryptography: a survey

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I will try to partially answer, based on a review on recent work, the following question: Can QKD and more generally quantum information be useful to cover some practical security requirements in current (and future) IT infrastructures ? I will in particular cover the following topics - practical performances of QKD - QKD network deployment - SECOQC project - Capabilities of QKD as a cryptographic primitive - comparative advantage with other solution, in order to cover practical security requirements - Quantum information and Side-channels - QKD security assurance - Thoughts about "real" Post-Quantum Cryptography

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Keywords: QKD, QKD networks, Security assurance, Post-Quantum Cryptography
Seminar: 09311 - Classical and Quantum Information Assurance Foundations and Practice
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 06.01.2010

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