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Jez, Lukasz

Randomized Algorithm for Agreeable Deadlines Packet Scheduling

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In 2005 Li~et~al. gave a \(\phi\)-competitive deterministic online algorithm for scheduling of packets with agreeable deadlines~\cite{DBLP:conf/soda/LiSS05} with a very interesting analysis. This is known to be optimal due to a lower bound by Hajek~\cite{Hajek-det-lb}. We claim that the algorithm by Li~et~al. can be slightly simplified, while retaining its competitive ratio. Then we introduce randomness to the modified algorithm and argue that the competitive ratio against oblivious adversary is at most (\frac{4}{3}\). Note that this still leaves a gap between the best known lower bound of \(\frac{5}{4}\) by Chin~et~al.~\cite{DBLP:journals/algorithmica/ChinF03} for randomized algorithms against oblivious adversary.

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Keywords: Online algorithms, scheduling, buffer management
Seminar: 27th International Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 09.03.2010

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