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Auer, Ekaterina ; Cuypers, Roger ; Dyllong, Eva ; Kiel, Stefan ; Luther, Wolfram

Verification and Validation for Femur Prosthesis Surgery

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In this paper, we describe how verified methods we are developing in the course of the project TellHim&S (Interval Based Methods For Adaptive Hierarchical Models In Modeling And Simulation Systems) can be applied in the context of the biomechanical project PROREOP (Development of a new prognosis system to optimize patient-specific pre- operative surgical planning for the human skeletal system). On the one hand, it includes the use of verified hierarchical structures for reliable geometric modeling, object decomposition, distance computation and path planning. On the other hand, we cover such tasks as verification and validation assessment and propagation of differently described uncertainties through system models in engineering or mechanics.

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Keywords: Graphical interface construction, superquadrics, 3D modeling, biomedical engineering
Seminar: 09471 - Computer-assisted proofs - tools, methods and applications
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 27.04.2010

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