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Lifshits, Yury

Solving Classical String Problems an Compressed Texts

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How to solve string problems, if instead of input string we get only program generating it? Is it possible to solve problems faster than just "generate text + apply classical algorithm"? In this paper we consider strings generated by straight-line programs (SLP). These are programs using only assignment operator. We show new algorithms for equivalence, pattern matching, finding periods and covers, computing fingerprint table on SLP-generated strings. From the other hand, computing the Hamming distance is NP-hard. Main corollary is an $O(n2*m)$ algorithm for pattern matching in LZ-compressed texts.

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Keywords: Pattern matching, Compressed text
Seminar: 06201 - Combinatorial and Algorithmic Foundations of Pattern and Association Discovery
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 10.11.2006

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