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Algebraic Attacks against Linear RFID Authentication Protocols



The limited computational resources available on RFID tags imply a need for specially designed authentication protocols. The light weight authentication protocol $extsf{HB}^+$ proposed by Juels and Weis seems currently secure for several RFID applications, but is too slow for many practical settings. As a possible alternative, authentication protocols based on choosing random elements from $L$ secret linear $n$-dimensional subspaces of $GF(2)^{n+k}$ (so called linear $(n,k,L)$-protocols), have been considered. We show that to a certain extent, these protocols are vulnerable to algebraic attacks. Particularly, our approach allows to break Cicho'{n}, Klonowski and Kutyl owski's $ extsf{CKK}^2$-protocol, a special linear $(n,k,2)$-protocol, for practically recommended parameters in less than a second on a standard PC. Moreover, we show that even unrestricted $(n,k,L)$-protocols can be efficiently broken if $L$ is too small.

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Keywords: RFID Authentication, HB+, CKK, CKK2
Seminar: 09031 - Symmetric Cryptography
Issue date: 2009
Date of publication: 2009

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