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Formal Verification of Abstract SystemC Models



In this paper we present a formal verification approach for abstract SystemC models. The approach allows checking expressive properties and lifts induction known from bounded model checking to a higher level, to cope with the large state space of abstract SystemC programs. The technique is tightly integrated with our SystemC to C transformation and generation of monitoring logic to form a complete and efficient method. Properties specifying both hardware and software aspects, e.g. pre- and post-conditions as well as temporal relations of transactions and events, can be specified. As shown by experiments modern proof techniques allow verifying important non-trivial behavior. Moreover, our inductive technique gives significant speed-ups in comparison to simple methods.

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Keywords: SystemC, TLM, BMC, SAT, SMT
Seminar: 09461 - Algorithms and Applications for Next Generation SAT Solvers
Issue date: 2010
Date of publication: 2010

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