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<h2>DARTS, Volume 9, Issue 1, ECRTS 2023</h2>
    <span class="authors">Matthias Becker and Julien Forget</span>
    <span class="title">Front Matter, Table of Contents, Preface, Conference Organization</span>
    <a class="doi" href="">10.4230/DARTS.9.1.0</a>
    <span class="authors">Tim Rheinfels, Maximilian Gaukler, and Peter Ulbrich</span>
    <span class="title">A New Perspective on Criticality: Efficient State Abstraction and Run-Time Monitoring of Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Control Systems (Artifact)</span>
    <a class="doi" href="">10.4230/DARTS.9.1.1</a>
    <span class="authors">Eva Dengler, Phillip Raffeck, Simon Schuster, and Peter Wägemann</span>
    <span class="title">FusionClock: WCEC-Optimal Clock-Tree Reconfigurations (Artifact)</span>
    <a class="doi" href="">10.4230/DARTS.9.1.2</a>
    <span class="authors">Raffaele Zippo, Paul Nikolaus, and Giovanni Stea</span>
    <span class="title">Isospeed: Improving (min,+) Convolution by Exploiting (min,+)/(max,+) Isomorphism (Artifact)</span>
    <a class="doi" href="">10.4230/DARTS.9.1.3</a>
    <span class="authors">Sebastian Altmeyer, Étienne André, Silvano Dal Zilio, Loïc Fejoz, Michael González Harbour, Susanne Graf, J. Javier Gutiérrez, Rafik Henia, Didier Le Botlan, Giuseppe Lipari, Julio Medina, Nicolas Navet, Sophie Quinton, Juan M. Rivas, and Youcheng Sun</span>
    <span class="title">From FMTV to WATERS: Lessons Learned from the First Verification Challenge at ECRTS (Artifact)</span>
    <a class="doi" href="">10.4230/DARTS.9.1.4</a>

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