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Abiteboul, Serge

Calculus and Algebra for Distributed Data Management

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The sharing of content by communities of users (e.g., scientists)
in a P2P context remains cumbersome. We argue that main reasons
for this is the lack of calculus and algebra for distributed data management.
We present the ActiveXML language that extends the XML language
with features to handle distribution. More precisely, ActiveXML
documents are XML documents with a special syntax for specifying the
embedding of Web service calls, e.g. XML queries such as XQueries. We
also present ActiveXML algebra that extends ActiveXML notably with
explicit control of data exchanges. ActiveXML algebra allows describing
query plans, and exchanging them between peers.

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Keywords: Distributed data management, XML, Web, Web service
Collection: 07051 - Programming Paradigms for the Web: Web Programming and Web Services
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 07.08.2007

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