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Graupner, Anika ; Nüst, Daniel

Serverless GEO Labels for the Semantic Sensor Web

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With the increasing amount of sensor data available online, it is becoming more difficult for users to identify useful datasets. Semantic Web technologies can improve such discovery via meaningful ontologies, but the decision of whether a dataset is suitable remains with the users. Users can be aided in this process through the GEO label, which provides a visual summary of the standardised metadata. However, the GEO label is not yet available for the Semantic Sensor Web. This work presents novel rules for deriving the information for the GEO label’s multiple facets, such as user feedback or quality information, based on the Semantic Sensor Network Ontology and related ontologies. Thereby, this work enhances an existing implementation of the GEO label API to generate labels for resources of the Semantic Sensor Web. Further, the prototype is deployed to serverless cloud infrastructures. We find that serverless GEO label generation is capable of handling two evaluation scenarios for concurrent users and burst generation. Nonetheless, more real-world semantic sensor descriptions, an analysis of requirements for GEO label facets specific to the Semantic Sensor Web, and an integration into large-scale discovery platforms are needed.

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Keywords: GEO label, geospatial metadata, data discovery, Semantic Sensor Web, serverless
Collection: 11th International Conference on Geographic Information Science (GIScience 2021) - Part I
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 25.09.2020
Supplementary Material: Software, examples, evaluation results, and deployment instructions for the GEO label API implementation are release of [Daniel Nüst and Anika Graupner, 2020]. The online demo endpoints are for Google Cloud Run and for AWSLambda. The code for figures and an interactive app to see plots for all test scenarios is at and archived on Zenodo ( The figures app is online at

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