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Tsuda, Yuya ; Igarashi, Atsushi ; Tabuchi, Tomoya

Space-Efficient Gradual Typing in Coercion-Passing Style

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Herman et al. pointed out that the insertion of run-time checks into a gradually typed program could hamper tail-call optimization and, as a result, worsen the space complexity of the program. To address the problem, they proposed a space-efficient coercion calculus, which was subsequently improved by Siek et al. The semantics of these calculi involves eager composition of run-time checks expressed by coercions to prevent the size of a term from growing. However, it relies also on a nonstandard reduction rule, which does not seem easy to implement. In fact, no compiler implementation of gradually typed languages fully supports the space-efficient semantics faithfully.
In this paper, we study coercion-passing style, which Herman et al. have already mentioned, as a technique for straightforward space-efficient implementation of gradually typed languages. A program in coercion-passing style passes "the rest of the run-time checks" around - just like continuation-passing style (CPS), in which "the rest of the computation" is passed around - and (unlike CPS) composes coercions eagerly. We give a formal coercion-passing translation from λS by Siek et al. to λS₁, which is a new calculus of first-class coercions tailored for coercion-passing style, and prove correctness of the translation. We also implement our coercion-passing style transformation for the Grift compiler developed by Kuhlenschmidt et al. An experimental result shows stack overflow can be prevented properly at the cost of up to 3 times slower execution for most partially typed practical programs.

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Keywords: Gradual typing, coercion calculus, coercion-passing style, dynamic type checking, tail-call optimization
Collection: 34th European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming (ECOOP 2020)
Issue Date: 2020
Date of publication: 06.11.2020

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