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Hautphenne, Sophie ; Latouche, Guy ; Remiche, Marie-Ange

Matrix Analytic Methods in Branching processes

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We examine the question of solving the extinction
probability of a particular class of continuous-time multi-type
branching processes, named Markovian binary trees (MBT). The
extinction probability is the minimal nonnegative solution of a
fixed point equation that turns out to be quadratic, which makes its
resolution particularly clear.

We analyze first two linear algorithms to compute the extinction
probability of an MBT, of which one is new, and, we propose a
quadratic algorithm arising from Newton's iteration method for
fixed-point equations.

Finally, we add a catastrophe process to the
initial MBT, and we analyze the resulting system. The extinction
probability turns out to be much more difficult to compute; we use a
$G/M/1$-type Markovian process approach to approximate this

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Keywords: Branching Processes, Matrix Analytic Methods, Extinction Probability, Catastrophe Process
Collection: 07461 - Numerical Methods for Structured Markov Chains
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 07.04.2008

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