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Wickramarachchi, Anuradha ; Lin, Yu

LRBinner: Binning Long Reads in Metagenomics Datasets

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Advancements in metagenomics sequencing allow the study of microbial communities directly from their environments. Metagenomics binning is a key step in the species characterisation of microbial communities. Next-generation sequencing reads are usually assembled into contigs for metagenomics binning mainly due to the limited information within short reads. Third-generation sequencing provides much longer reads that have lengths similar to the contigs assembled from short reads. However, existing contig-binning tools cannot be directly applied on long reads due to the absence of coverage information and the presence of high error rates. The few existing long-read binning tools either use only composition or use composition and coverage information separately. This may ignore bins that correspond to low-abundance species or erroneously split bins that correspond to species with non-uniform coverages. Here we present a reference-free binning approach, LRBinner, that combines composition and coverage information of complete long-read datasets. LRBinner also uses a distance-histogram-based clustering algorithm to extract clusters with varying sizes. The experimental results on both simulated and real datasets show that LRBinner achieves the best binning accuracy against the baselines. Moreover, we show that binning reads using LRBinner prior to assembly reduces computational resources for assembly while attaining satisfactory assembly qualities.

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Keywords: Metagenomics binning, long reads, machine learning, clustering
Collection: 21st International Workshop on Algorithms in Bioinformatics (WABI 2021)
Issue Date: 2021
Date of publication: 22.07.2021

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