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Aziz Abdulla, Parosh ; Bouajjani, Ahmed ; Cederberg, Jonathan ; Haziza, Frédéric ; Ji, Ran ; Rezine, Ahmed

Shape Analysis via Monotonic Abstraction

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We propose a new formalism for reasoning about dynamic memory heaps, using monotonic abstraction and symbolic backward reachability analysis. We represent the heaps as graphs, and introduce an ordering on these graphs. This enables us to represent the violation of a given safety property as the reachability of a finitely representable set of bad graphs. We also describe how to symbolically compute the reachable states in the transition system induced by a program.

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Keywords: Shape analysis, Program verification, Static analysis
Collection: 08171 - Beyond the Finite: New Challenges in Verification and Semistructured Data
Issue Date: 2008
Date of publication: 23.07.2008

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