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Chen, Chun-Hung ; Hong, Liu ; Kantor, Paul B. ; Morton, David P. ; Pichitlamken, Juta ; Seeger, Matthias

09181 Working Group on Hybridization between R&S, DoE and Optimization

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This is the report of the working group on the relation between, or hybrid combination of design experiment optimization and R&S. The rapporteur, Paul Kantor, learned a great deal at the conference which he summarized by sharing the cartoon shown here. ("A student asking the teacher'... may i be excused, my is full" (from a 1986 cartoon by Gary Larson) - omitted here for copyright reasons).

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Collection: 09181 - Sampling-based Optimization in the Presence of Uncertainty
Issue Date: 2009
Date of publication: 30.07.2009

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