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Skoric, Boris ; Tuyls, Pim

An efficient fuzzy extractor for limited noise

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A fuzzy extractor is a security primitive that allows
for reproducible extraction of an almost uniform key from a
non-uniform noisy source. We analyze a fuzzy extractor scheme that
uses universal hash functions for both information reconciliation and
privacy amplification. This is a useful scheme when the number of
error patterns likely to occur is limited, regardless of the error
probabilities. We derive a sharp bound on the uniformity of the
extracted key, making use of the concatenation property of universal
hash functions and a recent tight formulation of the leftover hash

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Keywords: Fuzzy Extractor, PUF, physical unclonable function, universal hash
Collection: 09282 - Foundations for Forgery-Resilient Cryptographic Hardware
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 13.01.2010

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