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Demaine, Erik D. ; Hajiaghayi, MohammadTaghi ; Marx, Dániel

09511 Executive Summary -- Parameterized complexity and approximation algorithms

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Many of the computational problems that arise in practice are optimization
problems: the task is to find a solution where the cost, quality, size,
profit, or some other measure is as large or small as possible. The
NP-hardness of an optimization problem implies that, unless P = NP, there is
no polynomial-time algorithm that finds the exact value of the optimum.
Various approaches have been proposed in the literature to cope with NP-hard
problems. When designing approximation algorithms, we relax the requirement
that the algorithm produces an optimum solution, and our aim is to devise a
polynomial-time algorithm such that the solution it produces is not
necessarily optimal, but there is some worst-case bound on the solution

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Keywords: Parameterized complexity, Approximation algorithms
Collection: 09511 - Parameterized complexity and approximation algorithms
Issue Date: 2010
Date of publication: 02.03.2010

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