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Abrahamsen, Mikkel ; Bodwin, Greg ; Rotenberg, Eva ; Stöckel, Morten

Graph Reconstruction with a Betweenness Oracle

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Graph reconstruction algorithms seek to learn a hidden graph by repeatedly querying a black-box oracle for information about the graph structure. Perhaps the most well studied and applied version of the problem uses a distance oracle, which can report the shortest path distance between any pair of nodes.

We introduce and study the betweenness oracle, where bet(a, m, z) is true iff m lies on a shortest path between a and z. This oracle is strictly weaker than a distance oracle, in the sense that a betweenness query can be simulated by a constant number of distance queries, but not vice versa. Despite this, we are able to develop betweenness reconstruction algorithms that match the current state of the art for distance reconstruction, and even improve it for certain types of graphs. We obtain the following algorithms: (1) Reconstruction of general graphs in O(n^2) queries, (2) Reconstruction of degree-bounded graphs in ~O(n^{3/2}) queries, (3) Reconstruction of geodetic degree-bounded graphs in ~O(n) queries

In addition to being a fundamental graph theoretic problem with some natural applications, our new results shed light on some avenues for progress in the distance reconstruction problem.

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Keywords: graph reconstruction, bounded degree graphs, query complexity
Collection: 33rd Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS 2016)
Issue Date: 2016
Date of publication: 16.02.2016

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