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Pion, Sylvain ; Brönnimann, Hervé ; Melquiond, Guillaume

A Proposal to add Interval Arithmetic to the C++ Standard Library

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I will report on a recent effort by Guillaume Melquiond, Hervé Br"onnimann
and myself to push forward a proposal to include interval arithmetic in the
next C++ ISO standard. The goals of the standardization are to produce a
unified specification which will serve as many uses of intervals as possible,
together with hoping for very efficient implementations, closer to the
compilers. I will describe how the standardization process works, explain
some of the design choices made, and list some of the other questions arising
in the process. We welcome any comment on the proposal.

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Keywords: Interval arithmetic, C++, ISO standard
Collection: 06021 - Reliable Implementation of Real Number Algorithms: Theory and Practice
Issue Date: 2006
Date of publication: 13.09.2006

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