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Groote, Jan Friso ; Mathijssen, Aad ; Reniers, Michel ; Usenko, Yaroslav ; van Weerdenburg, Muck

The Formal Specification Language mCRL2

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We introduce mCRL2, a specification language that can be used to specify and analyse the behaviour of distributed systems. This language is the successor of the mCRL specification language. The mCRL2 language extends a timed basic process algebra with the possibility to define and use abstract data types. The mCRL2 data language features predefined and higher-order data types. The process algebraic part of mCRL2 allows a faithful translation of coloured Petri nets and component based systems: we have introduced multiactions and we have separated communication and parallelism.

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Keywords: Specification language, abstract data types, process algebra, operational semantics
Collection: 06351 - Methods for Modelling Software Systems (MMOSS)
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 11.04.2007

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