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Schätz, Bernhard ; Geisberger, Eva ; Grünbauer, Johannes

A Model-Based Approach To Requirements Analysis

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A major task in designing embedded systems is the systematic
elaboration of functional system requirements and their integration
into the environment of the complete technical system. The main
challenge is to handle the versatile tasks of coordinating a
definition of behavior, which is appropriate to the problem. The
problem- and design-specifications of the customer related product
definition have to be adjusted with and integrated into the manifold
requirements of the technical system design. Accordingly, the
model-based requirements analysis and system-definition presented here defines a well-structured modeling approach,
which systematically aids the goal-oriented formulation and adjustment
of the different stakeholder-requirements with the aid of views onto
the system and descriptive specification techniques. Thus it allows a
clear specification of a consistent and complete system design. The
central steps of this approach are implemented in a requirements management (RM) tool prototype called AutoRAID

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Keywords: Requirements, model-based, tool support
Collection: 06351 - Methods for Modelling Software Systems (MMOSS)
Issue Date: 2007
Date of publication: 11.04.2007

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