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Compactness in apartness spaces?



A major problem in the constructive theory of apartness spaces is that of finding a good notion of compactness. Such a notion should (i) reduce to ``complete plus totally bounded'' for uniform spaces and (ii) classically be equivalent to the usual Heine-Borel-Lebesgue property for the apartness topology. The constructive counterpart of the smallest uniform structure compatible with a given apartness, while not constructively a uniform structure, offers a possible solution to the compactness-definition problem. That counterpart turns out to be interesting in its own right, and reveals some additional properties of an apartness that may have uses elsewhere in the theory.

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Keywords: Apartness , constructive , compact uniform space
Seminar: 04351 - Spatial Representation: Discrete vs. Continuous Computational Models
Issue date: 2005
Date of publication: 19.04.2005

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