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Faster OWL Using Split Programs



We propose a new technique for approximate ABox reasoning
with OWL DL ontologies. Essentially, we obtain substantially
improved reasoning performance by disregarding non-Horn features of
OWL DL. Our approach comes as a side-product of recent research
results concerning a new transformation of OWL DL ontologies into
negation-free disjunctive datalog, and rests on the idea of performing
standard resolution over disjunctive rules by treating them as if they
were non-disjunctive ones. We analyse our reasoning approach by means
of non-monotonic reasoning techniques, and present an implementation,
called Screech.

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Keywords: OWL DL, Approximate Reasoning, Logic Programming
Seminar: 05371 - Principles and Practices of Semantic Web Reasoning
Issue date: 2006
Date of publication: 23.02.2006

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