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Service-Oriented Design: The jABC Approach



Reviewing our 10 years of experience in service engineering for
telecommunication systems from the point of view of Service-Oriented
Design then and now, we observe that much is common to the two
communities. We aim in our current research at establishing a link
to the notions used by the service-oriented programming (SO)
We are convinced that combined approaches, that blend the
flexibility of the current SO-scenario with the rigour and semantic standardization culture of the telecommunication community
will dramatically increase the
productivity of the development of a large class of software systems. Incremental formalization and automatic verification
techniques may be again the key to achieving confidence and
reliability for services that interact and interoperate on a large
distributed scale.

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Keywords: Service-Oriented Design, Telecommunication Services, Service platforms
Seminar: 05462 - Service Oriented Computing (SOC)
Issue date: 2006
Date of publication: 05.05.2006

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