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Implementing Norms that Govern Non-Dialogical Actions



The governance of open multi-agent systems is particular important since those systems are composed by heterogeneous, autonomous and independently designed agents. Such governance is usually provided by the establishment of norms that regulate the actions of agents. Although there are several approaches that formally describe norms, there are still few of them that propose their implementation. In additions, only one that provides support for implementing norms deals with non-dialogical actions since the others only deal with dialogical actions, i.e., actions that provide the interchange of messages between agents. In this paper we propose the implementation of norms that govern non-dialogical actions by extending one of the approaches that regulate dialogical ones. Non-dialogical actions are not related to the interactions between agents but to tasks executed by agents that characterize, for instance, the access to resources, their commitment to play roles or their movement into environments and organizations.

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Keywords: Norm, governance of multi-agent system, non-dialogical action
Seminar: 07122 - Normative Multi-agent Systems
Issue date: 2007
Date of publication: 12.03.2007

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